Deliver Breaking News at Break-Neck Speed with SwiftServe Live Stream Delivery Network (LSDN)


The shared experience of watching a breaking news as it happens and unfold towards an unpredictable outcome carries an emotional charge that cannot be matched by on-demand videos. This explains the high popularity of live stream videos in the breaking news industry. However, the industry can also be extremely volatile in terms of audience behavior, composition and on-site happenings.

The keys to success are reliability and quality; and below are 3 of the biggest challenges that need to be addressed:

  • Latency effect – as much as possible, you want to bring the audience a live coverage that is as close to real-time as possible. With so many alternatives available for the audience to access the latest updates (e.g. live social feeds or traditional broadcast news channels), your live streams must not be found lagging behind or face high abandonment and poor credibility perception.

  • Device compatibility – such is the ever-increasing internet access rate via mobile devices, it is paramount for your live streams to be compatible to any of the more popular devices. Whether it is on a smart phone, tablet or laptop/desktop, your audience will expect a high quality stream delivered to their screen.

  • Large global audience – a breaking news may concern an organisation, a city, a country or the world. The audience size will vary according to the nature of the news and your live streams must be able to scale accordingly.




SwiftServe LSDN is built with the purpose of achieving a stable stream transport under different conditions and scale to a global audience to ensure high quality live streaming no matter which devices are used. News/Content providers can feed their livestream to our Private Cloud – Swift Transcoding Appliances (SwiftTA) or Public Cloud – SwiftCoder services to transrate the livestream and use SwiftServe LSDN for delivery to the end-users of its application.



  • Less than 3 seconds latency.
  • Reliable and secure delivery of streaming content through our global network coverage and token authentication.
  • Adaptive bitrates supports stream delivery across platforms, browsers and devices.
  • Seamless integration with SwiftTA or SwiftCoder to enable adaptive bitrates for high quality streaming on any devices.
  • Make your next stream better with critical insights into stream performances.
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