Access Log Format

It will describe access log format. There will be space “ ” between every two fields as field separator.

  • Log Format Definition
Filed Name Comments
$remote_addr Client IP, e.g.
[$time_local] Request time, Format is Day/Month/Year:Hour24:Minute:Second Time zone, e.g. [11/Jan/2017:18:38:57 +0800]
$command Streaming command
$app Application name
$name Stream name
$args Stream args
$bytes_received Length of request size from client.
$bytes_sent Length of response body to client.
$pageurl not supported currently.
$flashver useragent.
$session_time session connection time.
$appliance_ip address of delivery appliance.
$connection not supported currently. .
$swfurl not supported currently. .
$tcurl tc url of the stream.
  • Log Format
LSDA-1-1: $remote_addr [$time_local] $command "$app" "$name" "$args" - $bytes_received $bytes_sent "$pageurl" "$flashver" $session_time "" "$appliance_ip" "" - $connection "$swfurl" "$tcurl"';
  • Access Log Example
LSDA-1-1: [24/Apr/2019:17:27:56 +0800] PLAY "zjk" "zjk" "token=1556175136-10cc2d664e3e115ae0602e93fa9472ea" - 438 6476153 "" "WIN 22,0,0,209" 21 "" "" "" - 205 "" "rtmp://"
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