Deliver A-Grade Online Education with SwiftServe Live Stream Delivery Network (LSDN)


The teaching methodology has evolved significantly over the past decade as the advancement of technology give rise to more creative learning alternatives. Among them is the use of live streams to deliver lessons straight to the learners even when they are not physically in a classroom environment.

While there are plenty of benefits for both the learners and education institutes/platforms, live streaming lessons and courses can be equally disastrous for both parties if the below technical challenges are not addressed:

  • Latency effect – the scenario of lecturers/trainers having to backtrack to a previous topic when questions from learners reached them seconds too late is not unusual in live stream settings. Very often, the main culprit is not the students but the effect of latency. High latency can cause disruptions and affect the effectiveness of live stream classes.

  • Device compatibility – accessibility has always been one of the biggest appeals of live streaming. Learners want to access online education through any device of their choice so that they are able to learn even when on the go. Therefore, it is important to not only ensure your streams can be delivered to the learners wherever they are, but the streams should also be compatible to all devices for a consistent, high quality learning experience.

  • Large virtual classes– with live streaming, any institute/platform can reach a diverse audience. Broadcasting on social media channels would increase the likelihood of the stream going viral, thus building up an even larger virtual class. Ensuring the streams are able to handle both expected and unexpected spikes in traffic will be crucial.


SwiftServe LSDN empowers you to deliver the ideal lesson via live streaming with Real-Time Messaging Protocol (RTMP) or HTTP-FLV.

With the capability to record live streams for later viewing through Private Cloud– Swift Transcoding Appliances (SwiftTA) or Public Cloud - SwiftCoder , learners can access the videos whenever they want should they missed the live sessions, or simply to revisit for revision purposes.



  • Low latency of less than 3 seconds.
  • Scalable, distributed cloud architecture ensures broadcast-like experience for your learners wherever they are.
  • Supports stream delivery across platforms, browsers and devices with adaptive bitrates through seamless integration with Conversant’s SwiftTA or SwiftCoder.
  • Stream protection with Token Authentication feature.
  • Optimise content strategy and improve your streams with advance reports.
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