Deliver the Excitement of Live Sports with SwiftServe Live Stream Delivery Network (LSDN)


Tens of thousands of fans gathering at a stadium to watch a sporting event is a common sight that underlines the huge popularity of sports. However, the attendance on-site is just the tip of an ice berg. An even bigger audience can be found cheering on their favorite teams or sportsmen on-screen around the globe.

Various studies have shown that majority of sports fans are willing to ditch Pay TV channels for online live sports streaming. The pull factor is obvious, it allows for viewing on multiple devices and in virtually any location. Fans are also able to interact and discuss with each other before, during and after the match/race. Therefore, service providers who can provide the best streaming quality will have a higher chance to take a bigger bite of the pie. But first, they will have to overcome these challenges:

  • Time delay (latency) – imagine watching a live football match online and witness a goal happen only moments after hearing your neighbour shout “Goal!”. This scenario depicts one of the biggest challenge for online sports streaming services; to replicate the live sports experience delivered by traditional broadcasters with minimal latency.

  • Device compatibility – sports fans, like the general consumers, are accustomed to accessing all sorts of services through various devices; that includes live sports streaming. Failure to deliver high quality live streams consistently to each device is no longer an option.

  • High concurrent streaming – given the universal appeal of most sports, it is common to see viewer traffic rising up to the millions; especially for global sporting events like the Olympics and World Cup. Live stream providers must have the capacity to support such high concurrent views.


SwiftServe LSDN is a public cloud service designed to deliver low latency live streams to the fans via the use of Real-Time Messaging Protocol (RTMP) or HTTPFLV. Content providers can feed their livestream to our Private Cloud – Swift Transcoding Appliances (SwiftTA) or Public Cloud – SwiftCoder services to transrate and record the session for replay while using SwiftServe LSDN to deliver the live content to the end-users of its application.

In addition, fans can get a better look at any happenings with the rewind feature or pause the stream while they stepped away.



  • Low latency of less than 3 seconds.
  • Faster and smoother delivery of streaming content through our global network coverage, enhancing Quality of Experience (QoE) for fans.
  • Adaptive bitrates supports stream delivery across platforms, browsers and devices.
  • Extra secure with Token Authentication feature.
  • Advance reports provides valuable data and stats for better business decision making.
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