Improve Live Streaming Experience with SwiftServe Live Stream Delivery Network (LSDN)


Live stream videos have been gaining traction; the element of urgency, fear of missing out on something that is available for a limited time, plus the capability to allow users to provide instant feedbacks are just some of the many factors that motivate people to watch live streams.

With more than 80% of viewers preferring live videos to social posts and blogs1, it is no wonder heavyweights such as Facebook, YouTube and Twitter have also jumped onto the bandwagon with their own live streaming services. As much as it presents business opportunities, there are also some challenges that companies have to look out for while using this cutting-edge technology:

  • High Latency – one of the main attractions of live streams is the capability to have real-time interactions. When the delay between what happens in the actual event and the display of the event on the viewer’s screen is too long, that affects user experience, leading to possible drop in viewership.

  • Video Quality on different devices – viewers are using various different devices to access online content, including live stream videos. Ensuring the best user quality regardless of the device being used is an inevitable challenge that every live stream service provider must overcome.

  • Scaling issues – spikes in traffic and viewership can often happen for live streams; especially when broadcasted over a social media platform (viral occurrence). There lies the challenge of serving a big number of concurrent viewers efficiently and reliably without any outages.




SwiftServe LSDN is an end-to-end, enterprise-grade delivery network with global coverage and strong local presence. Users are able to use Real-Time Messaging Protocol (RTMP) or HTTP-FLV for streaming media over the internet while the capability to rewind or pause can further enhance viewers’ experience. Adding to that, users can record their streams through Private Cloud– Swift Transcoding Appliances (SwiftTA) or Public Cloud - SwiftCoder, giving viewers the option to view the recorded content at a later time whenever they want.



  • Enable low latency (Less than 3 seconds).
  • Wide delivery coverage, supports high concurrency live streaming delivery.
  • Seamless integration with Conversant’s SwiftCoder as an end-to-end PAAS live streaming solution, enabling adaptive bitrates that ensures high quality streaming on any devices.
  • Secure your stream with token authentication.
  • Make sound business decisions with the help of insightful analytics reports.
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