How to push stream on PC

Please follow the steps to push live stream by using OBS Studio. It supports Windows 7/8/10, macOS 10.11+, Linux.

  • Download OBS Studio from https://obsproject.com/.
  • Launch OBS Studio and set configurations. Click “Settings” in right bottom area.
  • Select “Steam” on the left panel and select stream type “Custom Streaming Server”. And paste push streaming URL that you copied in Step 3: Test Your Streaming PlayURL. Please note that the URL will be split into two portions: the URL and the Stream Key.
URL: rtmp://live-origin.example.com:1935/showtime/

Stream Key: someone?token=1524638320-abbb5c3d6556dc7a4fa11659eb6cedc9
  • Set proper output parameters. Output Mode “Advanced”, Streaming Encoder “X264”, Rate Control “CBR”, Bitrate “2000” (1200-2000kbps), Keyframe Interval(GOP) “2”.
  • Set the base and output resolution to “1280x720”, and the FPS value to “24”.
  • Click + button to add scene and proper source. If you would like to stream screen display, please select “Display Capture”. You can select “Video Capture Device” if you would like to stream from PC camera. You could select “Media Source” if you will like to stream for local media file.
  • • The final step is to click on “Transition” in centre area and click “Start Streaming” in right bottom area.

How to play stream on PC

  • Download ffmpeg at http://ffmpeg.org/ and extract the package.
  • Go to ffmpeg/bin folder
  • Execute command “ffplay.exe -fflags nobuffer rtmp://www.mysite.com/showtime/someone”

How to play stream on Web Browser

Can't play the live stream

1.1. In the event that you could not play the live stream, please check if the origin stream exists.
1.2. If the origin stream exists, please check that the DNS of your Streaming Domain has taken effect and the CNAME is correct.
1.3. Check the Setting of your Streaming Domain if you have enabled the Access Authentication function:
  * Your playUrl might have an expired time and signature.
  * Make sure the playUrl has not been expired.
  * Make sure the signature is right.
1.4. • Check the setting of your Streaming Domain if you have enabled Geo-blocking function:
  * If the policy is whitelist, make sure your client’s ip is in the stated region list.
  * If the policy is blacklist, make sure your client’s ip is out of the stated region list.
1.5. • If you cannot play on the web browser:
  * If you use a flash plugin to play the rtmp output, make sure you have allow the flash plugin.
  * Check your browser console log to ensure that there is no cross-domain access control blocking

How to reduce latency

  • Please set proper client buffer. It is recommended to set the client buffer time to be 1 second or have a dynamic client buffer based on network conditions.

How to play first screen fast

  • Please set proper GOP when encoding stream. It is recommended to set the GOP to 2 times of FPS. For instance, GOP is 48 if FPS is 24.

The live stream is stuck.

2.1. Make sure the quality of the origin stream is OK.
2.2. Make sure your network quality and your bandwidth is sufficient for live streaming.
2.3. Make sure the resources of your client are sufficient, especially for the CPU load and memory usage.

The live stream is laggy.

3.1. Make sure a buffer is set for your client. The larger the buffer size, the smoother the stream. However this may also cause longer delays.
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